"That’s what best friends do, you arse. We put up with each other’s bullshit and we… well, we survive."

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Anonymous: Who makes the manips on here? They are sooooooo good!!!!

The ones in the last post were made by our very own admin Anne! :)

-Admin Heather

The couples of Celebrity London part 1/4

Harry Lloyd + Kaya Scodelario

Josh Hutcherson + Georgie Henley

Elijah Wood + Florence Welch

Orlando Bloom + Keira Knightley


" Why the fuck did you let me do this ?" - Dan
" totally think we should punch that guy" Laura
" Everyday I am around you I love you more and more" Aneurin
" You call that a strong drink ?" - Michelle

|| 1. I like you so Much better when your naked - Ida maria || 2. 3am - Kate Nash ||  3.  miracle mile - Cold War Kids || 4. Applause - lady GaGa || 5. 5 years time - Noah and the whale || 6. Toothpaste Kisses - the Maccabees || 7. Bad Girls - M.I.A (Monolith Remix) || 8. Love Machine - Girls Aloud || 9. Paddling out - miike Snow || 10. Home - Edward Sharpe and the magnetic Zeros || 11. Crazy for you - best coast || 12. How I want ya - J-Man || 13. Celebrity Skin - hole || 14. Still into you - paramore || 15. Welcome home - radical minds || 16. oh la la - Goldfrapp || 17. lights - Ellie Goulding ||

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Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.


None of the images are mine. 


“I would have to find something else to bury here and I wished it could be Charles.” 

Georgie Henley, Rose Leslie and Christ Pine in a modern version of Shiley Jackson’s “We Have Always Lived In The Castle”

Mary Katherine (Henley), her sister Constance (Leslie) and their elderly uncle Julian are the only remainders of the aristocratic Blackwood family, who were murdered with arsenic as they took afternoon tea. Six years after the killings, following Constance’s acquittal of the crime, the three live as recluses in the Blackwood family seat, isolated and shrouded by the lush New England woods.The family’s cousin, Charles (Pine), decides to visit the castle, wanting to see the financial records and the safe by taking advantage of ostracized Constance.

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Welcome to Celebrity London’s Graphic blog!

What is the purpose of this you might ask? 

It’s quite simple! This was created so we can bring our love for our characters, who are all from incredibly diverse fandom together, and thrive to make our own fandom : Celebrity London.

A ship you will go down with, a brotp you want to praise, just people you admire or music you think perfectly characterizes the pulsing, vibrating city.

You can find all the information as to how to get your art featured here. They will be organized by type, poster, and characters involved here.

We’re looking forward to see what you will share!

-Mod Joey

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